Cindy Im’s performance as the innocent Isabella is a standout. The switch in Im’s mannerisms, the rising cadence and desperation of her voice, her submission to those with authority—they demonstrate a powerful range of acting and commitment to character. Watching her struggle to make the “right” decision when it comes to saving her brother’s life is painstaking, especially when Angelo asks her to surrender her virginity to him.
- Rachel Gallaher, City Arts Online

Cindy Im as poor Isabella is wrenching as she pleads with Angelo and struggles with her own conscience. Watch her as she moves from anguish to anger.
- Nancy Worssam, Arts Stage

There’s Cindy Im, who plays the conflicted character of Isabella with an amazing amount of courage. Her voice rings clear and pure above her character’s plight and the sexual assault she faces by the hands of Angelo, which is both painful and pertinent to today’s culture.
- Danielle Palmer-Friedman, Daily UW

Cindy Im does a deft double turn as Viola and Sebastian, the shipwrecked twins who wash up on the shores of Ilyria. Watching Im make quick changes between the two characters is one of the pleasures of Hensley’s production.
- Georgia Rowe, SF Examiner

Earnest and endearing, Im gets to play out the show's grandest theatrical ruse, when she plays two people at the same time. What could be gimmicky turns out to be, in Im's hands, quite graceful.
-Chad Jones, SF Chronicle

Cindy Im is a bright and passionate Viola, beautifully capturing the character's keen intelligence, but also her fear of being discovered and her indignation on her master's behalf.
- Sam Hurwitt, KQED

The robber maiden [is] a snarling punk rock diva (played with great panache by Cindy Im). The unexpected glee of the "I Want That" number cannot be overstated.
- Karen D'Souza, San Jose Mercury News

Im [is] outstanding, in both vocals and acting...[her] turn as little Robber Girl is brilliant.
- Jeanie K. Smith, Talking Broadway

With two delightfully different interpretations, Cindy Im plays a seemingly vacuous but ultimately knowing and generous Princess, and a wacky punk chick Robber Girl.
-Robert Sokol, Edge Magazine

Cindy Im makes the most charismatic rose you will ever see on stage.
-Cynthia Corral, San Jose Metblogs

[Cindy] Im and [Chris] Cortez are superb as a brother and sister whose relationship is fraught with tension and deep devotion. Their final scenes together are completely free of sappy sentiment and full of love and loss in equal measure.
- Chad Jones, Theatre Dogs

Cindy Im gives the girl an endearing optimism that's clearly frayed around the edges by grief...and the vulnerability in her portrayal deepens as her relationship with her brother in life becomes clearer.
-Sam Hurwitt, KQED Arts

Im [gives an] appealing performance.
- Rob Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

[The Hundred Flowers Project features] an appealing, focused Cindy Im.
- Jean Schiffman, SF Examiner

There’s no way I can adequately capture the dueling senses of chaos and exquisitely crafted architecture that make up Christopher Chen’s play, dazzlingly staged by Desdemona Chiang with a superb cast and exquisitely coordinated technical elements.
- Sam Hurwitt, The Idiolect

[The] astute cast of six keep the play crackling.
- Chad Jones, TheatreDogs

"Flowers" revels in a mixed-media meta-theatricality that unfolds its unexpected twists with sharp clarity.
- Rob Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

Tontlawald feels mysterious and shot through with the sound of sadness and of joyful beauty...especially whenever Cindy Im’s gorgeous voice takes the lead.
-Chad Jones, Theatre Dogs

Cindy Im brings an erotically charged wryness in the character of Taylor. It’s rewarding to see [this] talented actress.
- John McMullen II, Berkeley Daily Planet

...a jaded [rehab] recovery buddy played with terrific comic disdain by Cindy Im.
- Dennis Harvey, Variety

Patrick Alparone['s] scenes with the lovely Cindy Im are touching.
- Kedar Adour, For All Events

Working with this top-notch ensemble, Bock and Riordan have pulled off a minor miracle: transforming a 334-year-old play written for an entirely different culture into a powerful modern American drama.
- George Heymont, Huffington Post

Im anchors the piece as our charming, offensive and flexible narrator-protagonist, torn between her Korean and American identities - and between playwright's stand-in and independent character.
- Rob Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

Im connects so powerfully to the emotions of the deeply unhappy granddaughter.
- Chad Jones, Theatre Dogs

Cindy Im, Alexis Papedo, and Josh Schell shone in the lead roles.
- George Heymont, Huffington Post
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