4000 Miles

West Coast Premiere

by Amy Herzog
Directed by Mark Rucker

January 17–February 10, 2013

The acclaimed comic drama about growing up, growing old—and discovering the moments in between


In this poignant comic drama, 21-year-old Leo unexpectedly arrives on the doorstep of his feisty 91-year-old grandmother Vera’s New York apartment, dazed after a cross-country bike trip. Sparks fly as Vera’s surprising political views collide with Leo’s carefree hippie lifestyle. When Leo’s old girlfriend shows up and he begins to reveal the mysterious events of his journey, Leo and Vera discover the fragile line between growing up and growing old. The winner of two 2012 OBIE Awards (including Best New American Play), 4000 Miles is “a funny, moving, altogether wonderful drama” (The New York Times) from one of today’s most celebrated new playwrights.

“Plays as truthful and touching and fine as Amy Herzog’s 4000 Miles come along once or maybe twice a season, if we’re lucky.” —The New York Times

“4000 Miles is one of the best, bravest plays of the season. See it, no matter how far you must travel.” —Time Out New York