Risk is This…

Risk Is This…
The Cutting Ball New Experimental Plays Festival
May 13 – June 25, 2011

Risk is This…The Cutting Ball New Experimental Plays Festival is one of the only play festivals in America solely dedicated to experimental works for the stage. This year’s festival features five staged readings of new plays that push the boundaries of what theater can be.

All performances are free and open to the public. Fridays at Saturdays at 8pm at The Cutting Ball Theater in residence at EXIT on Taylor. Seats are reserved by $20 donation; or donate $50 for a five-play reserved seating festival pass.

Krispy Kritters in the Scarlett Night
By Andrew Saito
Directed by Rob Melrose
May 20 & 21, 2011

Drumhead looks for Jesus as he puts dead mice into boxes of Lucky Charms. Snowflake freezes on the corner waiting for customers in her coat lined with baby blue fur. With Krispy Kritters in the Scarlett Night, playwright Andrew Saito dazzles with sublime, surreal language and imagery fit for a Dalí painting.

Madame Ho
By Eugenie Chan
Directed by Rob Melrose
May 27 & 28, 2011

Madame Ho tells the story of a formidable woman in the Wild West, a real-life 19th century brothel hostess, single mother, Chinese immigrant, great-great grandmother, and ghost.

Ozma of Oz: A Trip-Hop Musical
Cutting Ball Commission
Adapted from the novel by L. Frank Baum
Rob Melrose (book and lyrics)
Z.O.N.K. (music)
Directed by Rob Melrose
June 10-11, 2011

Cutting Ball Artistic director Rob Melrose collaborates with the San Francisco-based electro-rock group Z.O.N.K. to create Cutting Ball’s first musical, a trip-hop fantasy that captures L. Frank Baum’s American breed of surrealism with a hint of the post-modern. In Ozma of Oz, Dorothy is transported to the land of Ev with a talking chicken named Billina. Together, they plot to overthrow the evil Nome King, but they cannot succeed with out the help of a mysterious princess. This reading will feature live musical performances by Z.O.N.K. and the cast.